#Draw365 28-34

There have been a few setbacks in my #Draw365 project this week, but there have also been a number of little triumphs that make this group of sketches interesting.  The main setback has been my lack of time, but looking at these sketches, I simply do not feel like complaining.  I did one drawing on my porch, another in Decatur, AL with my friend Ann, and sometimes those late night sketches of the lamp or the cat or a pile of fruit are full of valuable lessons about patience or lighting or how to frame a composition.  My attention to nuance and subtle handling of the pen in some of these sketches really encouraged me to keep going no matter what.  If I felt I did not have time for a full sketch, I only used half the usual spread; in the case of the last drawing, I worked on it over two sessions.  I cannot be upset with myself that I "skipped" a day, because I still took my pen out and drew on both days.  I have made it past the first month, and I am simply going to march on.  Enjoy!


Still Life Paintings

I have done a few abstract still life paintings in the past (chiefly florals), but never gave the genre much thought-- its potential for story-telling and powerful symbolism, or the way a still life might liven up a larger composition.  After my artist friend Kate suggested setting up a still life a few month ago, I became intrigued by the concept in a new way.  My most recent pieces are very personal, filled with objects and colors that either say something about me or have sentimental value to me or my Mom...I have only just begun to explore the potential of this traditional genre, but I am enjoying its possibilities quite a bit!  Several of these pieces will be on exhibit October 21st at my 1892 East show with Ann Vann and at my solo show in November at the Church Street Wine Shoppe!


#Draw365 21-27

27 out of 365 sketches have been completed as of today-- almost a month's worth of daily drawings in my Moleskine!  This week, my focus has been on variety.  The first sketch was done in a restaurant where I had to work quite quickly, the next two were done in a dimly-lit room, the fourth was drawn on the Square on a beautiful fall day, and the last three drawings were done from photos.  Architecture, sculpture, interior scenes. . . I am trying to do a little bit of everything and let my sketches go wherever my whims lead.  The personal diary aspect of the project has taken on a prominent role.  Looking ahead, I suspect that I will start to pay more attention to the overall composition of the pages and try to do more concentrated studies of smaller elements or details, but I am trying not to set too many rules or limits on this project.  My goal so far has been to make drawing a habit again and to enjoy exploring, and I certainly intend to keep it that way!


#Draw365 14-20

This week, I ran into the issues that usually stop my #Draw365 efforts in their tracks-- lack of time, exhaustion, being on the go quite a bit.  I did not allow any of those things to stop me this time.  Some of my sketches have been done fairly hastily. . . some quite late at night.  The beauty of #Draw365 projects is that it does not really matter how "good" the sketches are, when they were completed, or what the artist has chosen to depict-- the point is simply to create, freely and daily, and to make art a part of one's life.  Each sketch is a reminder to make time for quiet reflection every day, no matter what.


On Architecture

In my last post, I mentioned my budding interest in architectural subjects.  In fact, my most recently completed piece happens to be of the tower of a law firm on the corner of Jefferson Street and Holmes Avenue (down the street from my studio).  I find buildings and architectural detail highly challenging to paint in some ways, but that has never stopped me from happily working to portray interesting light conditions or completely abstracting already curious geometry based on my thoughts or emotions.  At any rate, the abundance of beautiful and fascinating buildings in my town has been providing plenty of tempting fodder for my art. . .


#Draw365 7-13


Here are this week's #Draw365 sketches!  I find myself exceedingly fond of drawing buildings and delight in seeing my sketches grow increasingly complex.  I have made it to 13/365. . . already I am thinking about new subjects to draw and imagining what it will be like to reach 365/365.  I even picture continuing to do a drawing a day for the rest of my life and having a box full of little sketchbooks to flip through.  Enjoy!


#Draw365 and the Appeal of the Art Journal

Like many people who appreciate beauty, teacups, vintage typewriters, European cities, and photos of ornate doors, I am on Pinterest.  I curate little collections of prettiness, home improvement, fashion, and art on a regular basis-- for inspiration, for safe-keeping, to look at again and again and enjoy.  I go through phases in my collecting; one day it is pictures of Victorian dresses, another day fountain pens, color palettes, even recipes from the 50's so awful that they are oddly fascinating.  Lately, I find myself particularly curious about sketchbooks, art journals, and travel sketches.  There is something fascinating about the way a daily art journal can make little things matter and tell interesting stories in an effortless way.  I am drawn to this intimate look into an artist's life and surroundings, seeing a large variety of subjects through that artist's eyes and watching his or her style develop over time.

I am so fascinated, in fact, that I have decided to start a new #Draw365 challenge.  I have done projects like this on and off, but have never quite managed to make daily doodling a habit for more than a few months at a stretch.  Looking back on a #Draw365 attempt from 2011, I am flooded with memories, the evolution of creative compositions, and little triumphs in the development of my drawing skills.  I only wish I had continued doing these sketches through the years!

As of this week, I am determined.  Below are my first six sketches from this round!  I will post a new group of sketches every Saturday. . .


Clinton Row and Christina Wegman Fine Art

For about a year and a half, I have been working out of a public studio in a converted storage unit in Downtown Huntsville-- my studio also doubles as a gallery space, and I am part of a larger retail incubator project that you may already know about called Clinton Row.  I started in a 10X10 unit, and within a year, was able to expand my space into a 10X20.  The studio is small, but perfectly efficient, and I have done my best to make it a pleasant place for visitors.  

Daily life and a full schedule of events have taken me away from this blog for quite some time, but today seemed as good a day as any to return to it.  My work has taken many different directions since the last time I composed a blog post.  From doing artwork for Huntsville's 1st Cheese Festival to pet portraits to fashion shows to car art to festivals and beyond, my relationship to my town has also deepened in ways I never imagined.  Below are several pieces I have worked on, both commissioned and for my own joy, during my absence from this blog.  As I reflect on them and browse through older posts, I can only feel humbled by how far my career has really come. . . and yet how many more projects I still want to explore and enjoy and share with others.  I have always joked that I would always have more work to do and that I was glad that my work would never be done-- I would never be bored.  It is nice to look back and confirm that what I said then still rings true now.

I promise to return to updating this blog more frequently.  If there are any topics or artworks of mine in particular that you would like to see featured here and discussed more fully, please do mention them in the comments.

Still Life in Aubergine and Olive

 The Russel Erskine Hotel
Huntsville, AL

 The Church of the Nativity
Huntsville, AL

 Ride the Champion

 The Kaffeeklatsch in Winter
Huntsville, AL

 Dance of the Cherry Blossoms
(Spring Kaffeeklatsch)
Huntsville, AL

 Say Cheese!
Official Art for Downtown Huntsville's 1st Annual Cheese Festival

 Askum and Ginger


 '53 Chevy

 Nell's '55 Chevy

 Lady Slipper

 Iris and Hourglass

 Take the Reins

Nikola Tesla and White Dove