Organic Composition Series

As I have
mentioned before, it has been almost four years since I have made paintings meant specifically as a "series". My work has most certainly revisited certain themes more than once, but I still tend to plan individual works rather than collections of work-- I suppose it allows me to cover a lot of ground quickly. Several months ago, however, I decided that it might be nice to focus on artistic themes a bit differently and began coming up with several ideas that would lend well to multiple, more closely-related works (without simply stagnating) . . . the first results of this line of thinking have finally taken shape on canvas with Organic Compositions I [above] and II [below]. The first is inspired directly from a supermarket floral department and the second from the pots and plants on my balcony, but both are united inasmuch as they take their geometric compositional patterns from the every-day world and develop them so as to reveal the underlying abstract reality in our familiar "natural reality". In addition to this, they are meant to emphasize the dynamic life, movement, and graceful order even of scenes that may seem rather still. . . they may be a direct offshoot of my past work, but they also build sensibly on it and are both a nod to the past and a sign of future evolution that will lead the way into a few other "series" ideas that have been working in my mind. . .