Here's to 2014!

Columns and Swirls [above] and Seasons Change [below, with an extra photo showing the texture of the piece and echoes of 2010's Emerging Red] are the last two paintings that I managed to complete in 2013.  In a sense, I feel as if I still have a bit of unfinished business left over from last year-- two portrait projects and a two-panel commission-- but at the same time, a new year always makes me want to formulate new goals, so I suspect that these projects might go in different directions than I previously expected.  We shall see!

As for my other plans for 2014, I am excited at the prospect of opening a small public studio come March (if all goes well).  This will be a very new step for me, but hopefully one which will help me to better serve my community, continue to ascertain what I need in a workspace, and gauge whether I should expand my business into a gallery/larger shop, dive headfirst into writing and design, or do any number of other things in the future. . . so many roads spread out before me, and I must choose each one wisely!  Naturally, I will continue to do commissioned portraits, as I very much enjoy painting human faces and figures and find the happiness that a portrait can give a client extremely fulfilling.  I would also like to get started on an idea for a series of paintings that has been incubating in my mind for at least two years now.  The sheer number of ideas swarming my mind is exhilarating; stay tuned for quite a year!