Now Showing at The Little Green Store and a New Art Talk

Earlier this week, I dropped off all seven of my Organic Compositions [above, the first of the series] to be displayed at The Little Green Store on Monte Sano, a lovely environmentally-conscious gallery/store featuring fine art, jewelry, and assorted hand-made items (even beer and wine). The paintings have arrived just in time for the store's annual Valentine's sale, beginning this Saturday and continuing through Tuesday. I am very proud to be able to show my work in a place so in line with my passion for nature, surrounded by the trails and trees and wildlife of the mountain overlooking Huntsville.

In other notes, Wednesday marked the beginning of my efforts to host a weekly art talk on Twitter. The discussion centered around art's role in society and what art means to people; being a completely open discussion (the only kind of discussion my philosophical nature could possibly allow), it quickly made twists and turns in all directions. The conversation will clearly be able to go on for many weeks to come. It is my hope that more voices will join in to create an ever-growing artistic exchange full of joy and deep thought. If you are interested in adding to this exchange, please follow @C_WegmanArt and show up on Wednesdays from 2-3pm Central ready to talk about all things art-related!

February Interview

This month, I had the honor of interviewing Gina Hurst, who is not only The Huntsville Art Blog's manager and main contributor, but a remarkably dedicated force in Huntsville's art scene in general, as well as the new Volunteer and Member Services Manager with Huntsville's Arts Council. Though her work is specific to North Alabama, she serves as a wonderful example to arts advocates, artists, and art-lovers everywhere.

To read the interview, click here.