#Draw365 28-34

There have been a few setbacks in my #Draw365 project this week, but there have also been a number of little triumphs that make this group of sketches interesting.  The main setback has been my lack of time, but looking at these sketches, I simply do not feel like complaining.  I did one drawing on my porch, another in Decatur, AL with my friend Ann, and sometimes those late night sketches of the lamp or the cat or a pile of fruit are full of valuable lessons about patience or lighting or how to frame a composition.  My attention to nuance and subtle handling of the pen in some of these sketches really encouraged me to keep going no matter what.  If I felt I did not have time for a full sketch, I only used half the usual spread; in the case of the last drawing, I worked on it over two sessions.  I cannot be upset with myself that I "skipped" a day, because I still took my pen out and drew on both days.  I have made it past the first month, and I am simply going to march on.  Enjoy!

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