#Draw365 and the Appeal of the Art Journal

Like many people who appreciate beauty, teacups, vintage typewriters, European cities, and photos of ornate doors, I am on Pinterest.  I curate little collections of prettiness, home improvement, fashion, and art on a regular basis-- for inspiration, for safe-keeping, to look at again and again and enjoy.  I go through phases in my collecting; one day it is pictures of Victorian dresses, another day fountain pens, color palettes, even recipes from the 50's so awful that they are oddly fascinating.  Lately, I find myself particularly curious about sketchbooks, art journals, and travel sketches.  There is something fascinating about the way a daily art journal can make little things matter and tell interesting stories in an effortless way.  I am drawn to this intimate look into an artist's life and surroundings, seeing a large variety of subjects through that artist's eyes and watching his or her style develop over time.

I am so fascinated, in fact, that I have decided to start a new #Draw365 challenge.  I have done projects like this on and off, but have never quite managed to make daily doodling a habit for more than a few months at a stretch.  Looking back on a #Draw365 attempt from 2011, I am flooded with memories, the evolution of creative compositions, and little triumphs in the development of my drawing skills.  I only wish I had continued doing these sketches through the years!

As of this week, I am determined.  Below are my first six sketches from this round!  I will post a new group of sketches every Saturday. . .

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