#Draw365 21-27

27 out of 365 sketches have been completed as of today-- almost a month's worth of daily drawings in my Moleskine!  This week, my focus has been on variety.  The first sketch was done in a restaurant where I had to work quite quickly, the next two were done in a dimly-lit room, the fourth was drawn on the Square on a beautiful fall day, and the last three drawings were done from photos.  Architecture, sculpture, interior scenes. . . I am trying to do a little bit of everything and let my sketches go wherever my whims lead.  The personal diary aspect of the project has taken on a prominent role.  Looking ahead, I suspect that I will start to pay more attention to the overall composition of the pages and try to do more concentrated studies of smaller elements or details, but I am trying not to set too many rules or limits on this project.  My goal so far has been to make drawing a habit again and to enjoy exploring, and I certainly intend to keep it that way!

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