Where Literature and Art Collide

Earlier this year, I created a portrait for my friend David based on a character from one of his stories.  The experience and results were thoroughly enjoyable, so I was thrilled when one of our conversations led to a new commission.  In one of the story concepts David is working on, Adrianna, goddess of storm, and Hel, goddess of the underworld, both fall in love with the protagonist; they are rivals for his affections, yet must be allies in order to help him become what he is meant to be.  It is a wonderful tapestry of fantasy, allegory, mythology, and religious and political commentary that could easily fill multiple volumes, and I wanted to portray the two goddesses in a modern and original way-- stylized faces, electric neon colors, nods to David's love of comics and cartoons (without losing the daring touch of fine art or becoming stereotypical).  It was thoroughly refreshing for me to work on Adrianna and Hel [above]; I hope that David will enjoy adding this new piece to his growing art collection!