All Roads Lead to Rome

At last, Rome!  I have painted the Eternal City in the past, studied Latin, and many of my friends have travelled to Italy before me, yet it was not until this summer that I was able to see Rome with my own eyes (as well as Avezzano and Alba Fucens in Abruzzo).  With blue summer skies above and buildings as softly-colored as sherbert, ornate marble, ancient monuments, and throngs of excited people milling about, I wound up snapping 1,513 pictures by the end of two weeks.  Here is a small selection of my favorites!

The Colosseum by Night

The Colosseum by Day

The Theater of Marcellus

Wild Poppies and Summer Wheat

In the Shadows of the Pantheon

Traces of Ornamention Behind the Pantheon

A Chance Encounter

The Many Who Wish at the Trevi Fountain

The Dying Gaul and His Modern Mourners

The Crypt of Pope Hadrian

Nuns Leaving the Rose Garden on the Aventine

Summer Roses

A Roman Bee

The Basilica of Maxentius

A View from the Hills

The Temple of Saturn

The Roman Forum
View from the Palace of Domitian

Swiss Guard

Chairs for a Papal Event

Light Streaming into the Lateran Cathedral

Beauty Among the Ruins

A Rose in the Late Afternoon
The Aurelian Wall

Tombs Beyond the City Walls

 An Ancient Amphitheater in Alba Fucens, Abruzzo