All Ye Know on Earth, and All Ye Need to Know

During the summer of 2011, I spent a few pleasant afternoons taking reference photos of friends for future art projects. Though I had (and still have) other plans for exploring the possibilities these images present, the coolly wistful gaze in one of them and the completion of my Organic Compositions series gave me an idea that needed attention. Liz in an Abstract Landscape [above] combines the figure of one of my friends with the arabesques and expressionistic meanderings of the compositions, making the image both a classic ode to beauty à la John Keats and a story about one's relationship with one's surroundings in the modern world.

Of course, as for my own current relationship with my surroundings, spring has enticed my eyes, ears, and nose to observe the world with renewed intensity. I have a fierce desire to absorb every shadow's angle, every flower, every breeze. . . and so I have pulled out my trusty ballpoint pen again to sketch. Although my approach to #Draw365 has certainly changed over time, I have continued to sketch each day. . . yet most of my sketches are incomplete conceptual records; I would like to return to doing a few more "finished" sketches as well. The above drawing is of a nearby greenway; below, I was studying the blossoms from a tree growing outside one of my windows. While my pen strokes remain loose and general, I find myself increasingly curious about details that I might usually simplify, wanting to know my reality more thoroughly, more closely. . .

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