Adding More Art to Life

I often stumble upon beautiful loose sketches tagged #Draw365 on Twitter. The idea behind the tag is simple-- do a sketch each day, share it, and see where the sketching takes. While I work on some manner of art every day already, I certainly do not sketch as much as I would like, so I thought it might be an interesting way to start. I am using one of the smaller Moleskine blank books so that it will be easy to carry in my pocket or purse, and I have given myself a few rules to guide the endeavor along--

1) Try to do as many of the sketches as possible on-the-go.
2) Use a portable, abundant, convenient, and yet unforgiving "medium" (in my case, that seems to be a ballpoint pen).
3) Find something worth sketching even in unlikely places.
4) Never spend more than a few minutes on each sketch.

Here are my first three scribbles. . . rough perhaps, but lively, oddly liberating, and I am already enjoying the idea of having a tiny sketchbook with me wherever I go. It seems appropriate to include the brief thoughts I have been jotting beside each sketch as well. . .

#1 The Courtyard, 18. April 2011

#2 Convivium Flowers, 19. April 2011

#3 The Credit Union, 20. April 2011

To view the latest additions to my #Draw365 adventure, please visit my Twitpic Gallery.


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about starting with a draw 365 challenge. Right now with me taking a class, I'm practically doing something artsy every day, but I want to get to a sketchbook like you did. I like your rules. :)

Anonymous said...

by the way, those are excellent sketches! :)

Christina Wegman said...

Thanks very! I'd love to see what you come up with. . . this seems to be a wonderful project for artists (no wonder so many have been taking it on!) What class are you taking?