Organic Compositions III-V

It has been precisely one month
since I posted the first two pieces in the "Organic Composition" series. . . now, as November begins, five works have been completed [Above, we have Composition III, Below, Compositions IV and V respectively] and the final two are already in progress. Seeing the first five hanging together on the wall captivates me; some are very smooth and refined, some are quite raw, all are related, and yet each shows a slight tweak, a new development, a different ambiance. The vividness of these paintings is very much lost in these photos, as are the carefully placed traces of gold, silver, or copper paint that give some of them, especially the gray-scale piece, an unusual glow in various lighting conditions. I generally avoid metallic paints so as not to make my pieces look "cheap", but with this series, I have found subtle ways to use them to enhance certain aspects of the compositions.

In a sense, the series comprises a collection of thorough abstract color studies, but each continues to have a basis in basic scenes and landscapes as well: III was designed while looking at some of the Historic mansions of Madison, AL (particularly the fencing, wrought iron work, and vibrant foliage), and IV and V were sketched out during one of my many walks around the campus of the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Of course, the pieces are not meant to depict these things specifically, and I myself have infused atmospheres and textures into them that make them entirely new dreamscapes. At any rate, I find that the best way to look at them (and indeed, much of art in general) is not to worry about whether or not there is any specific concrete object to be seen in them. . . I often purposely leave "objects" obscure, after all. One should simply quiet one's internal monologue about the paintings, open oneself up, and let the images and colors do the talking. . .


Lisa Fulton said...

Wow, Christina. These are strong! And that is one of the main things I enjoy in paintings. You seem totally unafraid of your media and your colors and your ideas. Where did you get all that confidence?

Numbers III and IV pop out like stained glass windows. Number V has the same strength of line, but it's hard to see the subtleties in an online photo. I hope I get a chance to see it in person; I want to see the gleams of gold and silver.

Great stuff...I'm looking forward to numbers VI and VII.

Jamie said...

These are INCREDIBLE! My favorite is the first, despite my aversion to the color pink. It is simply striking; I see clouds, rainbow, sun--but all through a lens I have never looked through before. The second painting is absolutely gorgeous. I want!