Pricing and Commissions

If you would like to purchase a painting, print, or commission a custom piece from Christina Wegman Fine Art, please E-mail me at, or contact me via my Facebook page, here.

The price of a painting can depend on many factors, including the materials used, complexity of the project, the reputation of the piece (being in a juried show, for instance), and the size or thickness of the stretched canvas among other things.  At any rate, here is the current range of prices you can expect when buying paintings directly from me:

*Ready-Made Originals:

See individual pricing at Christina Wegman Fine Art. . . most pieces will be priced according to the guidelines below, but according to complexity, many pieces might be priced lower or higher.  If the piece you like has no price and has not yet been sold, please inquire!

*General Pricing Guidelines For Commissions:

11X14:  $150
16X20:  $275
18X24:  $450
24X30:  $600
24X36:  $675
24X48:  $800
30X40:  $1,200
48X60:  $3,000


Mini on Wood: $10
8X10 Signed on Wood: $35
8X10 Signed Stretched Canvas: $40
16X20 Signed on Wood: $75
16X20 Signed on Stretched Canvas: $80
18X24 Signed onWood:  $90
18X24 Signed on Stretched Canvas: $150

(Smaller paintings may not be suitable for 16X20 or 18X24 prints and many other options are available upon request.)

*Other Items

Large coffee mug:  $25
Beer stein:  $40
Small Rectangular Pillow: $40
Larger Rectangular or Square Pillow: $50

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