In the Works: Lilies

Though I often enjoy devising painting methods and then using the conclusions consistently to make my working processes and communication of various ideas more efficient (I can often finish a painting in an hour), I am also very careful to make sure that my paintings do not merely become formulaic copies of themselves. Therefore, when I believe I have taken one aspect or another of my aesthetic symbolism to its logical end, I spend more of my time doing academic pencil work and approach my next canvas a bit more slowly. My subject matter will usually be something fairly geometric and colorful, such as flowers, and I will avoid extreme abstraction in at least part of the painting. This gives me a chance to re-analyze and refine my methods, and also to assess the focus of my next several paintings. . . meanwhile, of course, I get to directly express my love of plants/flowers! [Below: An early stage in painting Lilies.]
Lilies is still "in the works" at present, as I have been spending a long time considering colors and the directions of brushstrokes in each layer of paint. I am purposely taking more time than generally necessary with this painting, allowing for frequent breaks, working with one color at a time, so that I might practice patient deliberation and let my mind wander to vividly beautiful places and new scenes waiting to emerge in future works. I began by making a drawing on the canvas with blue pencil, and then carefully brushed in an undercoat of deep orange for the two main flowers. I am picturing the background as a bit more abstract and less prominent than the flowers in the front in order to draw attention to the smooth waxiness of the petals. Therefore, I used a fairly dry brush to outline the background flowers and left them for later. [Below: After a bit more work.] Next, I added a few more highlights and some darker colors, giving the paint time to dry between each layer. Given the popularity of lilies as household plants and artistic models, contemplating ways to present them in a suitably fresh manner is an excellent way to strengthen my ability to approach other subjects in interesting ways as well. I will continue to consider contrast, form, balance, focus, and color as I complete the painting. This pleasant study of lilies appears to be coming along well so far and I expect it will be finished by next week. . .

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Anonymous said...

I love your colors, Christina. I am facinated by colors and orange/white/green combination just does the job. Good work.

I particularly like your work at the top of the page: "Abstract Traumerei". The pink/blue oil is just beautiful.
Aunt Anahid