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Many experiences, interactions with others, contemplations, and interests come together to form one's personality, and so it is with the formation of an artist's work. For many years, I have studied the German language, culture, and landscape, and it is fair to say that, among other things, my artistic style, choice of subject matter, and ideas about art have been shaped by these studies.

Lately, I hear many students at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, the school where I earned my BA, complain of changes, fee increases, budget cuts. The humanities suffer many cuts and losses in such an atmosphere-- they begin to be considered a luxury, an expensive hobby, or a financial liability by many. This sort of thinking concerns me, because I have always believed that it is the humanities that teach us to be proper human beings, that science, useful and magnificent as it is, may tell us how to fix a broken bone or how blood flows, but it is the humanities that express why it is beautiful and worthwhile to be alive-- balance is crucial in all things!

This having been said, I would like to show my appreciation to the department from which I graduated, the Foreign Language Department of UAH, by presenting a special offer.
The above paintings-- "Alpine Scene" on top and "Contemplations on a Walk" below it-- were directly inspired by my German travels. The first is of the almost Utopian sort of village landscape romanticized in songs and poems and still to be seen in Germany and Austria today, the second is depicting a day of contemplations of the differences between the Old and New Worlds, tinged by the rainy-day atmosphere that makes days in both Germany and North Alabama in the early spring and late fall so thought-provokingly ambient. 60% of all proceeds from the sale of these two paintings, signed prints of them, and signed postcards will go directly to the Foreign Language Department to further their programs and events. The other 40% will serve as compensation for the cost of making the prints and cover shipping costs to other states.

Original paintings: $275 each.
Special price, signed 8.5X11 prints: $10
Signed postcards: $2

If you would like to purchase a painting, print, or postcard to promote the study of culture and language, please send me a message or E-mail!

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