A Little Help from My Friends: Michele

In order to build a strong portrait portfolio, I have always believed that I would have to be able to depict many different subjects and "accessories" in as artistic and meaningful a manner as possible.  My good friend Michele, with her love of culture, fantasy, and costumes, cute-yet-assertive demeanor, unique looks, and general willingness to pose for my camera, struck me as a great creative subject from the start.  The finished portrait [above and below] is a mix of whimsy and realism that I came to after taking several snapshots with a point-and-shoot and taking some creative license (the blue gloves, for instance, were painted from my imagination and I added lots of extra texture and color to the umbrella).  I am thankful to Michele for posing for this interesting piece; it is always quite a pleasure to portray someone I know and love in art, highlighting all the beauty and personality of that person. . .

In other notes, I am now able to offer all of my portraits and other paintings as high-quality prints on canvas.  The below image is of my Von Braun portrait (a large 30X40 original) as a 16X20 print. . . visit Christina Wegman Fine Art for more information!

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