Faits Accomplis!

The final two Organic Compositions having been completed [Above, VI, and Below, VII], I am already on to new projects, including a Christmas commission. Even so, it has always been my habit to look back and wonder about finished pieces, so I have also been asking myself what I have learned from this series, what influence it will have on future work. Certainly, producing this many similarly-themed and similarly-structured works in a short span of time made them so simple to paint that the last piece took no more than 40 minutes to finish, divided over two sessions.

To be honest, however, I am not exactly sure what the lasting influence of the series may be, though Claire de Lune [Below], completed alongside Organic Composition VII, might provide a bit of insight. This painting began as a follow-up to my Venetian-inspired portrait of Nik, but somehow it was never finished. It is unlike me to let a canvas sit for months in the corner, and I cannot even remember what led me to lose interest in it. I finally placed it with my stack of blank canvases, to be painted over and used for something else. Then, one morning as I regarded one of my Organic Compositions in-the-works, it caught my eye from the stack. I knew that it should be completed, and in a different way than I had anticipated, more in line of my newest series, yet with the glow of a Medieval stained-glass window and the remaining sense of legend and history which so often marks my work. Such is the magic of making art. . . there is a fine mix of experimentation, "magic", skill, deliberation, daydreams, philosophy, and promise in each piece, and so many pleasant surprises in the process!

[On yet another note, I would like to mention my most recent interview on the Huntsville Art Blog. In it, Little Green Store manager and Huntsville Alliance for Arts Education Director for Research, Advocacy, and Policy Tracey Chaplin discusses the importance of art to communities and many other interesting points. For the full interview, click here.

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Chandra said...

Amazing use of colour! Not only in this one but in all your paintings. Keep up the great work. Wishing you more creativity, great success and prosperity. Take care and God bless.