Writing about Art from a New Angle

In March I began to cultivate the habit of writing about my own art. Last month, I was given a wonderful chance to expand the scope of my writing to the rest of my community by becoming a contributor for the Huntsville Art Blog, one of the best sources of information on artists and art events in the Tennessee Valley, as well as the faith-based Ascribing Artists Blog. I view this opportunity-- to interview local artists and arts community leaders, write essays, and help collect information on events-- as a great adventure and important responsibility; I very much look forward to regularly sharing links to the resulting posts on this blog.

My very first interview, which came out today on the Ascribing Artists Blog, features the words and work of my friend Jessica Oden.
To read it, please visit http://ascribingartists.blogspot.com/2010/11/featured-artist-jessica-oden.html.

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