Walls to Walls

Walls to Walls opened with a well-attended reception at Lowe Mill last night and the artwork will continue to be displayed at the Arts Huntsville Gallery in the Von Braun Center until October 28th.  The exhibit features the canvas work of six Huntsville muralists, R.F. Daniel, Andy Winn, Robert Bean, Jahni Moore, myself, and Logan Tanner.

The above photo shows all six of us with the one-of-a-kind triptych we worked on together at the reception, "Underwater Moonlight", which is up for bidding until the show closes.  All proceeds will be going toward building an outdoor classroom at Lowe Mill.

That is the official information regarding Walls to Walls, but I would like to add a few personal thoughts as well.  There is always more to any exhibit, event, art show, or performance than the plain facts. . . the moments of anticipation, the hard work, the laughter, the publicity, the set-up, the personal feelings and hopes and thoughts, the long hours, the people one comes to truly love and respect throughout the processLooking back on this show will always fill me with a great deal of pride. . . there is no greater compliment to any artist than being in a group show with extremely dedicated career artists whose work one has admired for years, and there is no greater assurance than to know that there are organizations like Arts Huntsville made up of people who truly love and want to work with artists (people who help us load and unload our cars while sweat pours off our brows in 91 degree Alabama heat and schedule TV and radio interviews with equal enthusiasm. . .)  After a successful reception, all I can feel (beyond the aches in my muscles from carrying stacks of prints and canvases and stretching as much as I can to reach that one nail in the middle of a brick wall) is overwhelming gratitude.

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