A Commission with a Penchant for Travel

Being able to celebrate travel memories in a commission is not only an interesting challenge but a great pleasure, and my friend Liz Hisle of Lexington, KY recently gave me a perfect opportunity to do just that.  While she was completing her college internship in Buenos Aires, she fell in love with the classic wooden cars of Linea A, the oldest line of the metro system.  As I was reading about the history of the Buenos Aires Metro, I found that, sadly, the wooden cars were replaced earlier in 2013, making this painting a very nice commemoration indeed.  I made sure to add a depiction of Liz  herself, with her signature streak of pink/purple hair, sitting happily and contemplatively in the car.

As far as style is concerned, I wanted to express the warm, deep tone of the wooden interior, but also give Liz a color scheme that would be appropriate for her new apartment.  Moreover, from what I have heard about Buenos Aires, anything short of brilliant colors would not be proper!  Impressionism, with its multi-colored dabs and stripes of paint, seemed the best path to take. The result is a recognizable but vibrantly blue-and-violet piece that will hopefully bring Liz and add a joyful touch to Liz and her husband's home.  It is a smaller piece, a 16X20 water-based oil on canvas, and once it is dry it will be ready for a trip of its own, to Kentucky!

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