A Weekend at Artisans Cove

[Above, Entr'acte, Winter Traveler, Roses on a Rainy Night, Blue Rose, and other paintings set up for Saturday's festival.]

The past two days have been quite eventful at Artisans Cove; the first Second Saturdays art festival of the year took place as planned on the 9th, followed by a Sunday afternoon reception at Reflectives Frame and Art Gallery for the local Ascribing Artists group. Though mere minutes from the city of Huntsville, Artisans Cove seems so pleasantly rural-- an excellent place for a morning or afternoon outing to view art, eat BBQ, breathe fresh air, and stroll in the countryside. The Ascribing Artists exhibit will be on display until the end of the month. The next Second Saturdays event will be held (due to the unpleasant heat of Alabama summers) from 4pm-8pm on May 14th.

[Above, canopies scattered across the grounds of Artisans Cove early Saturday morning.]

[Above, dear Nik keeps watch over my paintings, including Longhorn, Showers Over University Drive, and The Wanderer.]

[Above, with Kochel am See and Emerging Red at Sunday's reception.]

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