De Gustibus Non Est Disputandem?

For the most part, oils are my favorite medium. Watercolors are not quite "solid" enough for my tastes, and until now, the dull, glue-like texture of acrylics has never seemed to showcase my brushwork properly. I enjoy beautiful art by others in any medium; as for my own work, I can be very finicky about textures and consistencies, and therefore slow to take on new media. Yet this is exactly why I convince myself to experiment-- so that I do not halt my artistic development on the basis of some rudimentary aversion, and so that I learn to bring out the good in any medium I wield. Therefore, The Dark Side of the Moon [above], like my previous painting, was done in acrylic, though this time varnished. I also worked on a canvas no bigger than a sheet of notebook paper. Sometimes, smaller surfaces are ideal for refining one's brush control, attention to relevant detail, and sense of composition as a whole. The image itself is meant as a simple expression of mystery, and a nod to the exploration of the cosmos, which is, in a sense, an exploration of our own being as well.

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