Studio Snapshot: A Hint of Things To Come

He may seem reminiscent of Pygmalion, posing with one of his marble statues, but the figure in this preliminary sketch is to be my grandfather, Antranik Ipranossian, a consummate artist and craftsman, surrounded by his work (which also includes both the paintings on the wall and the end tables). All I have of his art are some sketches on tracing paper, the beginnings of a table he never finished, a bronze plaque with the signature scraped off, and a handful of black-and-white photos and second-hand memories. Having ended up living in Beirut, Lebanon during times of war and unrest, his legacy has not fared well. Bringing something of his work and his personality to life in a painting is no small feat, but it is an endeavor that I welcome with great intensity of thought and feeling.

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Anonymous said...

Great work, Christina! I seem to recall this picture of my dad and you have done a good job. Thanks for keeping his memory alive. You will be proud to know that he was highly respected for his work.
Love you and appreciate your talent,
Aunt Anahid