Rocket City Inspirations

Walking over the uneven wooden slats of one of the upper floors of Railroad Antiques downtown, I began to think about how much I enjoy painting Huntsville-- the beautiful Southern trees, the odd angles of the buildings from the 1960's (the decade when this town most noticeably stepped away from cotton mills and into the Space Age), the cold, arching overpasses juxtaposed with magnificent greenery, stately, well-preserved historic buildings, rockets, faded houses and signs, high-tech modernity, country life, and Antebellum romanticism all rolled into one. I then returned home and began scribbling in my sketchbook. The first painting resulting from this particular sketching session is Huntsville Through the Dirty Glass [above], a work directly inspired by a third-floor view out the window of the highway leading into town.
Though I have already painted quite a few Huntsville scenes, two of which [Big Spring Park, above, and Lilies, below] will be displayed in the Museum of Art's upstairs exhibit hall from September 11-19 along with other interesting works in the Unique Views of Huntsville exhibit, I have no doubts that the Rocket City will continue to provide material for my artistic renderings as long as I call North Alabama home. . .

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