Two Recent Works: View of Five Points II and Big Spring Park

I have been working steadily these days on both art-related projects and in general, and therefore have two new paintings to mention in this entry (as well as a painting in the works currently on the easel, of course).
Big Spring Park [above] is now complete! I wanted this painting to stay cool and peaceful yet glow a bit, so I worked on lights and darks rather than stark color contrasts, and experimented with different consistences of paint in thin, smooth layers for texture.
View of Five Points I was a colorful rendering of the most recent reinvention of a pleasant older neighborhood; View of Five Points II [above] gives a nod to the construction and early history of the neighborhood. The palette is simple and the faint reddish-brown first layer is exposed to mimic red mud stains and the sepia tint of old photographs.

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