Abstract Träumerei

The German word "Träumerei" is at once "reverie" and "musing"-- there is a shimmering quality to the sound of it, something which bespeaks visions, creativity, and beauty, something of which I am conscious when I begin a new painting. Balance and enlightenment, "dreamscapes", the wonder of life and the vitality of nature, the casting off of worry and trivialities, the many worlds within worlds, and the strength and nobility which can be cultivated within the human spirit. . . these are but a few of the motifs which often come up in my work, whether I am painting a portrait of a friend, a landscape in Huntsville, or a tree as seen from the window of a moving train.

I am, put quite simply, a painter of internal realities.

For the most part, I prefer to let my art speak for itself while I continue on in relative peace and silence at my easel. Yet when I am sitting on my balcony overlooking a glimmering fountain (I am exceedingly captivated by the fountain), mentally organizing my thoughts and plans, I feel strongly compelled to talk about what I do and, of course, to learn more about what other artists have to say about their lives and work as well.

So I shall begin to speak, and I shall begin here.

Welcome to my "Abstract Träumerei"!

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